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Building the Most Advanced Brain-Controlled Neuroprosthetics

About: Dr. John Downey, a Staff Scientist from the University of Chicago who will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art intracortical brain-computer interface for a robotic prosthetic hand and arm. The Cortical Bionics Research Group uses the Utah Array to decode intended movements from the motor cortex of people with paralysis and provide sensory feedback through stimulation in the somatosensory cortex. This research is at the edge of neuroscience and engineering and will allow people with paralysis to fully interact with their environment in a natural and intuitive way after injury.

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Blackrock Neurotech Fall Workshop

Electrophysiology Hands-On Training Workshop includes:

  • Data acquisition with CerePlex Direct, Cerebus, and NeuroPort Systems
  • Closed-loop applications including stimulating and recording
  • Real-time custom software development and offline analysis
  • Noise troubleshooting and signal optimization

Date: TBA

Place: Blackrock Neurotech Headquarters | SLC, UT

Fee: $1200.00

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2023 Conference Schedule

SXSW (Panel) | 3/10 – 3/19

About: “Imagine being able to type, create art, even operate robotic arms – with just your thoughts. Long been considered the stuff of science fiction, “telekinesis” is now more than real – all thanks to brain computer interfaces (BCIs). Only a few dozen people in history have actually been implanted with one, and on this panel, you will get to meet three of them. They will discuss the experience of getting (and maintaining!) a brain implant, what it’s like to move physical objects with your mind, and what they believe the future of this disruptive, mind-bending technology has to offer.”


Neural Control of Movement Society (NCM) | 4/17-4/21

About: “The Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) is an international community of scientists, clinician-investigators, and students all engaged in research whose common goal is to understand how the brain controls movement.”


Canadian Association of Neuroscience | 5/28 – 5/31

About: “The Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN) is the largest association of neuroscientists in Canada. Their members are dedicated to advancing brain research.  They share the common goal of ensuring neuroscience remains one of the greatest research and innovation strengths of Canada.”


BCI Meeting  | 6/6 – 6/9

About: “The BCI Meeting brings together scientists, engineers, and clinicians involved in BCI research and clinical use, to review the present state of the field, address key issues critical to further progress, and promote the education and participation of young researchers.  This meeting should, like its predecessors, contribute greatly to BCI research and development.”  


Japanese Neuroscience Conference | 7/24 – 7/28

About: “The theme of this conference is “Towards the Galaxy of Neuroscience. In connection with this theme, I hope that the field of neuroscience will continue to produce as many brilliant research results as the countless stars shining in the galaxy. I also hope that we will pursue various useful activities that can lead to such results.”


U2FP Annual Symposium | 10/20 – 10/21

About: “U2FP brings together the major players in SCI curative treatments – scientists, clinicians, biotech and foundations – all while centering the voice and perspective of the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Community. Hear from SCI research and advocacy experts as U2FP contextualizes and unpacks their key findings with moderated Q&A sessions and panel discussions. These two days are laser-focused on accelerating the pace of functional recovery from spinal cord injury!”


Society of Neuroscience (SFN) Annual Meeting | 11/11 – 11/15

About: “The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is a professional society, headquartered in Washington, DC, for basic scientists and physicians around the world whose research is focused on the study of the brain and nervous system.[3] It is especially well known for its annual meeting, consistently one of the largest scientific conferences in the world.”


American Epilepsy Society (AES) Annual Meeting | 12/1 – 12/5

About: “The American Epilepsy Society is a community of physicians, scientists, advanced practice providers, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, engineers, pharmacists, advocates, and other professionals engaged in the understanding, diagnosis, study, prevention, treatment, and cure of epilepsy.”