“I said, ‘Cursor go up to the top right.’ And it did, and now I can control it all over the screen. It will give me a sense of independence.”

Matt Nagle – BCI PioneerImplanted 2004 The first person to use a brain-computer interface to restore functionality lost due to paralysis. Matthew Nagle was a C3 tetraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down after being stabbed.

“When they say, that wasn’t a
computer doing this, it was all you,
I just cant stop smiling, its just that cool!
I’m moving things again.”

Jan Scheuerman – BCI PioneerImplanted February 2012
First person to control a robotic arm. 10 years earlier, she was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration

“My experience with the NeuroPort Array
has shown even after a traumatic injury,
restoration of paralyzed muscles is
possible and can provide Independence.”

Ian Burkhart – BCI PioneerImplanted June 2014
Sustained a spinal cord injury in 2010 and has the longest chronic implant of the NeuroPort Array since June 2014.

“Blackrock’s ‘end-to-end expertise’
and FDA mindfulness gives us
the comfort for doing the cutting-edge
experiments that we do.”

Nathan Copeland – BCI PioneerImplanted November 2014
Sustained a spinal cord injury in a 2004 automobile accident and was implanted November 2014 achieving sensory feedback through intracortical microstimulation