I had the privilege of trying the Micro-ECoG from Blackrock. I was quite impressed how professional it looked. It was robust, yet extremely delicate. We had a challenging surgery and the device worked solidly first time.

Jocelyne Bloch, MD
Jocelyne Bloch, MDNeurosurgeon

We weren’t happy with the standard of care and now we are working with Blackrock on next-generation devices.

Orrin Devinsky, MD
Orrin Devinsky, MDNeurologist & Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

I have made it my life’s ambition to address dementia. Blackrock has helped me understand the challenges I face in building a venture in neurotech.

Peter Schlecht
Peter SchlechtEntrepreneur

Blackrock is the clear technology leader for human microelectrode arrays. They are the only ones whose devices have been implanted chronically in humans. If you want single neuron resolution in people, you can’t use anyone else’s technology at this point.

Rob Gaunt
Robert GauntUniversity of Pittsburgh