First to Make Brain-Computer Interfaces Work

30 people worldwide have had an implanted brain-computer interface. 28 of those use Blackrock’s technology.

Who we are

Engineers, Business Builders, Researchers, Innovators – and above all BCI Pioneers.

What we do

Provide innovative tools and neurotech expertise to translate technology into novel, implantable, clinical solutions that improve human lives.

Why we do it

Our BCI innovations enable BCI Pioneers to walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.

Advancing BCI Clinical Applications to Restore Function to Patients Today

Blackrock’s research and clinical partners coupled with our deep technology expertise continue to forge the way of what’s possible with BCI. With the longest chronic implant being over six years, we know we can make BCI work for millions – today! And tomorrow we can aim to make hundreds of millions of people walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.

Proudly Working With

Our strength comes from collaborating! Blackrock has worked with some of the world’s leading neuroscience researchers to innovate novel brain-computer interface applications.

John Hopkins
University of Pittsburgh

Technology that Works

With over 20 years of brain-computer interface expertise, Blackrock knows what works and what doesn’t. Our deep technology expertise covers various materials, implantable electronics, miniaturization and system integration.


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