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Cerebus Central Suite

7.0.6 (released July 1st 2020)

ID Type Description
CSCI-37 Enhancement Can now enable spike processing on analog input channels
CSCI-53 Bug fix cbmex('analogout',,'disable'); now functional
CSCI-58 Enhancement Software now notifies user about impedance mode switch position on CerePlex headstages
CSCI-59 Enhancement Neural Modulation application now has vertical lines to better show bins
CSCI-37 Bug fix K-means button in Single Feature Space now shows "DBSCAN" when DBSCAN spike sorting is used

7.0.5 (released July 12th 2019)

ID Type Description
688 Bug fix Analog Out Rising/Falling edge bit number disappears
947 Bug fix Addressed extension GUI behavior
1033 Bug fix Loading CCF files with different numbers of channels improved
CSCI-5 Bug fix Add support to have Cerebus systems with or without Extension capability
CSCI-6 Bug fix Auto Impedance: display "<= 15kOhm" when using CerePlex family headstages
CSCI-27 Bug fix Set default Impedance range from 15kOhm to 800kOhm
CSCI-38 Enhancement Auto Impedance: add message stating that impedance values are estimates and may be affected by noise
CSCI-39 Enhancement File: don’t require patient information to be entered in TOC mode
CSCI-40 Bug fix Oscilloscope: data from a trace changes to the other trace when changing parameters
CSCI-41 Enhancement Raster: add mouse wheel scroll capability
CSCI-42 Enhancement Single: start Single with last channel selected

7.0.4 (released May 15th 2018)

ID Type Description
578 Enhancement N-Trodes now visually allow Hoop sorting
872 Enhancement Can modify the number of spikes shown in the PCA space in N-Trode
946 Bug fix CCF correctly saves N-Trode information
947 Enhancement Clearer software referencing UI in Analog Inputs dialog
970 Enhancement Sample code no longer included with installers
992 Bug fix HW config no longer crashes after entering large external gain
1009 Bug fix Central base instance will start with the IP address set to
1010 Bug fix Channel sorting in HW config lists fixed
1012 Bug fix Disabling spike extraction on a tetrode site no longer causes concurrent X and spikes on spike panel
1013 Enhancement Label N-Trode feature axes
1014 Bug fix N-Trode/Single PCA feature plot is now 2D, not 3D
1019 Enhancement Add a new feature space for N-Trode
1020 Bug fix N-Trode: zoom level less prone to reset to default
1021 Bug fix N-Trode: Manipulating an ellipsoid after definition fixed
1022 Bug fix N-Trode window less prone to feezes
1023 Bug fix CerePlex Direct with FTDI chip can play sound through computer speakers
1026 Bug fix Single shows/hides Feature tab appropriately when changing sorting method
1028 Bug fix cbmex('analogout',...) with 'mv' parameter now functional
1029 Bug fix cbmex('analogout',...) when cbMEX hasn't been open no longer crashes Matlab, shows error message instead
1031 Bug fix cbmex('digitalout',...) works with the 'timed' parameter

7.0.3 (released August 31st 2017)

ID Type Description
Bug fix 877 Loading CCF overwrites raw data on Cervello systems
Enhancement 971 Improved text on dialogs
973 Bug fix Digital inputs reindexed in cbMEX
990 Bug fix Spike sorting can be batch re-initiated
1000 Bug fix Audio Out dialog crash addressed
1001 Bug fix Extension code no longer gives error when running
1003 Enhancement UDP packets can be retrieved alongside central

7.0.2 (released July 25th 2017)

ID Type Description
949 Bug fix Digin channel displays data in Raster on CerePlex Direct on 7.0.0
950 Bug fix RMS threshold fixed for NSPs with PN 4176
967 Bug fix Audio out tracking now working with 7.0.0

7.0.0 (released May 24th 2017)

ID Type Description
731 Bug fix cbmex('ccf',...) improved
743 Bug fix "Record for" now works after first recording
852 Enhancement LCD screen now says "NSP" instead of "NSP 1"
853 Bug fix cbmex('analogout',...) now allows continuous data monitoring
883 Enhancement NSP instance added to file meta data
899 Bug fix Oscilloscope triggering says "Trace" instead of "Channel"
912 Enhancement Central applications are now 64-bit
916 Enhancement Central now works with 256 channels
918 Bug fix cbmex('fileconfig',...) no longer fails when given valid inputs
921 Bug fix Reference channel selection window size increased to allow channels to be read
928 Bug fix Changing channels of an active N-Trode no longer crashes Central
929 Bug fix HW analog output resets input range when disabling or changing to output waveform
931 Bug fix Analog output waveform definition now independently defines output channels
932 Enhancement Electrode labels added to SnR summary

6.5.4 (released September 23rd 2016)

ID Type Description
897 Enhancement Updated UDI graphic and added RS-0049 to about box
892 Enhancement Added UDI to about box
874 Enhancement Filename format changed for Cervello
873 Bug fix Single LNC now matches with channel properties
854 Bug fix cbMEX buffer no longer enters an error state where it cannot be cleared except by calling TrialConfig
758 Bug fix cbmex('fileconfig',...) now works for second instance
746 Bug fix Fixed bug where paused files would have 0 or 1 sample segments
742 Enhancement cbMEX now retrieves log events
462 Enhancement Raw data, if enabled, takes visualization priority in continuous data views

6.5.3 (released June 7th 2016)

ID Type Description
307 Bug fix Cervello no longer allows 30k+raw
309 Bug fix Autothresholding now active after spike extraction enabled
313 Bug fix Hoops removed from screen when switching to PCA spike sorting
398 Bug fix cbMEX call speed improved from 6.4.0
543 Bug fix DigitalOut behavior improved
325b Bug fix File storage no longer restarts after 35 hour recordings
552 Bug fix cbmex('trialcomment',...) displays comment in Matlab
553 Bug fix Copyright info in About now accurate
740 Bug fix cbmex('digitalout',...) now works
844 Bug fix File storage no longer crashes when clicking File New in TOC mode
848 Bug fix Loading old CCFs now supported

6.5.2 (released August 7th 2015)

ID Type Description
298 Bug fix Null terminated fields no longer contain random data
306 Bug fix NPlay Server: changing playback speed no longer moves scrubber position
308 Bug fix RegCopy no longer reverses Visa Business Utilities installation
325a Bug fix File storage no longer restarts after long recordings
326 Bug fix File recording no longer restarts after file splits
360 Enhancement Initial commit from CM+
439 Enhancement Added data header to continuous files if data is missing
440 Bug fix Addressed Oscilloscope bug where crashing occurred in frequency mode
445 Bug fix Removed extension loader line limit
446 Bug fix Correct version number
454 Enhancement Updated cbMEX documentation
457 Enhancement Updated TotalPhase Cheetah driver

6.5.1 (released April 3rd 2015)

ID Type Description
p.930 Bug fix Channel properties opening bug addressed
p.931 Bug fix Writing to log file while in use no longer causes crash
p.934 Bug fix All apps open properly assigned to their instance
p.937 Bug fix Removed "Apply" button from Single
p.935 Bug fix 2.x recording start in File fixed
p.936 Bug fix SnR no longer crashes if you save a file with no units defined
a.526 Enhancement Keyboard shortcuts added to Single to change channels
a.564 Enhancement Instance number added to title bar of Central applications
a.578 Enhancement Log file entries made more specific

6.5.0 (released December 23rd 2014)

ID Type Description
p.871 Bug fix Fixed bit for Digital Input remote record
p.873 Bug fix Configuration change no longer resorts channel lists
p.882 Enhancement Autoloading configurations works for multiple instances
p.885 Bug fix Direct error condition now reported to Central
p.886 Bug fix Addressed typo in Auto Impedance
p.887 Bug fix Hoops no longer active when recording
p.888 Bug fix Array info dialog can be added to Impedance Tester after opting out of the dialog
p.889 Bug fix LNC options now track across HW and Single
p.890 Bug fix Commenting fixed in Raster
p.892 Enhancement Font size changes saved in Panel
p.893 Bug fix Raw no longer saves filter parameters
p.894 WI Reviewed SDKSample not being included in install
p.895 Bug fix Bug where Autothresholding cannot be reverted fixed
p.896 Bug fix CerePlex Direct icon now appears after install
p.897 Enhancement Raster now changes to match HW settings
p.898 Bug fix Starting File no longer resets DOUT configurations
p.899 Bug fix File recording flag no longer stays active when recording stops
p.905 Enhancement Digital Filter Editor will now allow save if filter name is more than 15 characters
p.908 Bug fix File's space available now correct
p.911 Bug fix Addressed Auto Impedance error on startup
p.915 Bug fix Voltage values now accepted in fields other than 'spkthr', 'amplrejpos', and 'amplrejneg'
p.917 Bug fix Addressed analog out crashing Central
p.918 Bug fix Addressed Auto Impedance crashing when showing magnify
p.919 Enhancement Added extension type to analog output
p.923 Bug fix Loading a new mapfile now displays properly if loading over an old mapfile
p.924 Bug fix Addressed Oscilloscope scrollbar issues
p.925 Bug fix Can no longer enable 30kS/s and Raw streams simultaneously from sample groups
a.339 Bug fix Channel labels less likely to get cutoff in applications
a.340 Bug fix Number of characters allowed in channel labels matches what is supported
a.345 Enhancement Comment showing packet drop added
a.497 Enhancement Added "Persist" button to toolbar in Single
a.500 Enhancement Changed "Classify" column to "Spike Sorting Algorithm" in HW
a.501 Enhancement Added extension support
a.509 Bug fix Multiple instances of Central now remember their locations
a.513 Enhancement Can now save Oscilloscope settings
a.514 Enhancement "Add Comment" feature added
a.515 Enhancement Added impedance calculations for CerePlex family
a.517 Enhancement Added Cerevello cart type to disable changes to raw
a.520 Enhancement Added feature to disable automatic switch check
a.521 Enhancement Improved features for digital output triggering
a.527 Enhancement Allows Oscilloscope FFT to work for different sampling rates
a.528 Enhancement Persist now remembers settings
a.531 Enhancement Headers made with file now use UTC timezone
a.533 Enhancement Added text to clarify that 30 kS/s stream can't be used when raw is enabled
a.535 Enhancement Single remembers its Tool Tip setting
a.538 Enhancement CerePlex Direct only shows available channels
a.542 Enhancement Sample group function added to cbSDK
a.548 Enhancement HW now resets to default sorting settings when configuration changes
a.549 Enhancement Hoops easier to use with Single Persist
a.550 Enhancement Raw data stream now appears in Raster and Oscilloscope
a.552 Enhancement Added ability to use doxygen-type comments in cbSDK
a.554 Enhancement Added extension-type trigger to analog out
a.557 Enhancement Carttype to HKLM
a.558 Enhancement File in 2.x mode restarts instead of stopping on critical load
a.559 Enhancement Optimized Add Spike to File
a.562 Enhancement Digital Filter Editor tab put in a logical order
a.567 Enhancement Extension-related functions added to cbSDK
a.568 Enhancement Added Dataloss Log
a.571 Enhancement Added separate logfiles per instance
a.572 Enhancement Changed characterset to Multibyte
a.573 Enhancement Added ExtensionLoader

6.4.2 (released June 25th 2014)

ID Type Description
p.900 Bug fix cbMEX timestamp stays within range
p.901 Bug fix cbmex('trialconfig',...) now accepts 'double' parameter
p.902 Bug fix Auto Impedance now loads mapfiles properly
a.903 Bug fix CerePlex Direct sound playback fixed
p.906 Enhancement Can change spike thresholds while recording
p.907 Bug fix CCF now saves and loads custom digital filters
p.909 Bug fix File splits no longer cause data loss
p.910 Bug fix Removed offset from rRe-recording files from nPlay
a.495 Bug fix Crosstalk on low-channel systems now completes when a high-channel mapfile is loaded

6.4.0 (released December 10th 2013)

ID Type Description
p.733 Enhancement CentralPlay now supports 256 channels
p.734 Enhancement Central now supports 256 channels
p.736 Bug fix Properties for multiple analog out channels can be initialized
p.741 Bug fix Oscilloscope can now be resized
p.743 Bug fix View now changes after loading CCF
p.752 Bug fix Addressed issues found from statuc analysis program
p.799 Enhancement Changing sorting method now resets unit mapping
p.801 Bug fix Hardware LNC method reverts to software method for NSPs without appropriate hardware
p.808 Bug fix Fixed appearance of Raw UI when multiple channels are selected
p.832 Bug fix File detects when NeuroMotive is running
p.835 Bug fix cbmex('system',...) acknowledges instances
p.836 Enhancement Qt .dlls updated
p.837 Enhancement Raw OR 30 kS/s allowed, not both
p.840 Enhancement UDP packet size reduced to fit within one MTU
p.841 Bug fix Loopback packets now properly ordered
p.844 Enhancement File in 2.x mode now gives disk space errors
p.845 Enhancement Current directory set for File
p.846 Bug fix File now opens in TOC mode
p.847 Bug fix Addressed crashing issues
p.848 Enhancement Port number now check added to packet drop errors
p.850 Bug fix Prevents resending of packets
p.857 Bug fix Missing install files added
p.860 Bug fix Addressed Central sound output volume
p.862 Bug fix Addressed packet drops on initilization
p.863 Bug fix Proper initialization of N-Trode continuous data streams
p.864 Bug fix Single no longer crashes when a recording starts with auto sorting enabled
p.865 Bug fix Spike Panel now opens properly for instance 2
p.866 Bug fix Removed auto sorting from N-Trode; not an implemented feature
p.867 Bug fix Filter parameters no longer saved in raw data files
p.872 Bug fix CentralPlay slider now at 45 µV instead of 255 µV
p.874 Bug fix Removed EM from HW/Spike Sorting
p.875 Bug fix Impedance data no longer saves if opted out
p.876 Bug fix Improved Oscilloscope window behavior when initialized in Frequency mode
p.877 Bug fix Single no longer allows 30 kS/s stream when raw is enabled
a.333 Enhancement Simplified nPlay
a.338 Enhancement Solution for VS 2008 upgraded
a.347 Enhancement Analog Out custom waveform feature added
a.352 Enhancement Added mechanism to tweak the MSI installer after a build
a.354 Enhancement Synchronization of instrument networking added
a.369 Enhancement CCF now readable in XML, set XML to default format, and added cbMEX support for XML CCFs
a.373 Enhancement cbSDK and SDKSample build and run more easily
a.374 Enhancement Added check to assure cbmex.mexw32 and cbmex.mexw64 are generated properly
a.385 Enhancement Added assisted spike sorting methods
a.389 Enhancement Added a cross-platform library and SDK
a.394 Enhancement Made CCFs read and write threaded
a.396 Enhancement Added DBSCAN assisted spike sorting method
a.416 Enhancement Added more triggers to analog outputs
a.417 Enhancement Added packets to the CCF
a.418 Bug fix nPlayGUI no longer runs when nPlay not initiated
a.420 Bug fix Addressed Single and N-Trode sizing issues
a.429 Enhancement Improved nPlayGUI speed labels
a.431 Enhancement cbSDK and cbMEX now support all video tracking types
a.432 Enhancement Added indicator for channels that are a part of an N-Trode
a.423 Enhancement Added an indicator for channels in HW that are a part if an N-Trode
a.435 Enhancement Added a software reset trigger to analog output waveforms
a.436 Enhancement Central now tracks file recording status
a.437 Enhancement Serial Watch feature added: SerWatch (similar to DINWatch)
a.439 Enhancement Packet time no longer recorded in XML CCF
a.440 Enhancement Central shuts down CerePlex on close
a.442 Enhancement Improved SDK connection establishment
a.444 Enhancement Emulator device support added
a.446 Enhancement Added feature to run more instances of NSP/nPlay and Central locally
a.447 Enhancement Improved instrument networking to better handle configuration packets
a.449 Enhancement Implemented a library to handle multiple instances within a single process
a.451 Enhancement Cleaned cbhwlib and old CCF handling
a.452 Enhancement Added heartbeat to cbSDK and more channel information to cbMEX
a.465 Enhancement File dialog can now open if nothing is set
a.466 Enhancement Drawing and PCA analysis screens now separate
a.473 Enhancement cbSDK OSX cross-compile now feasible
a.476 Enhancement Warning dialogs now appear for possible data loss
a.477 Enhancement Made file recording status visible to SDK
a.478 Enhancement CCF and config commands simplified
a.479 Enhancement System can be released if cbopen fails
a.482 Enhancement SDK generalized to specify the receive buffer size
a.484 Enhancement File issues a warning if an unsupported packet arrives
a.486 Enhancement N-Trode group shows on popup hint
a.488 Enhancement System libraries now excluded from installer
a.492 Enhancement File shows data section count
a.494 Enhancement File remote recording can now be established in a single step
a.489 Enhancement Number of repeats for Analog Output repeats can be set to a 32-bit number
a.532 Enhancement Days remaining in trial version now shows in popup

6.3.1 (released July 13th 2012)

ID Type Description
p.795 Bug fix Offset between raw and NSx file addressed in header
NA NA Original release missed MCRInstaller-7.16.exe, file added

6.3.0 (released April 30th 2012)

ID Type Description
p.598 Bug fix cbMEX('close',...) doesn't crash trials
p.599 Bug fix Calling cbmex('close',...) before cbmex('open',...) no longer causes a crash
p.600 Bug fix Loading 6.0.1 CCFs no longer changes filter settings
p.601 Bug fix Headers in NSx files made in TOC mode no longer show 0 data length
p.602 Bug fix Added Oscilloscope to the install
p.604 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Activity Map
p.605 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Auto Impedance
p.606 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on cbhwlib
p.607 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on cbmex
p.608 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Central
p.609 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on ConfigDlgs
p.610 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Crosstalk
p.611 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on DINWatch
p.612 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on File
p.613 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Hardware
p.614 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Modulation
p.615 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on nPlay, N-Trode, and Spike Panel
p.616 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Oscilloscope
p.617 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on Raster and RMSThreshold
p.618 Bug fix Fixes from static analyses on SDKSample, SigToNoise, and Single
p.619 Enhancement Improved speed and GUI for Oscilloscope
p.624 Enhancement Increased the comment character maximum
p.625 Bug fix Analog Out dialog now starts
p.630 Enhancement Oscilloscope can display multiple sampling rates
p.631 Enhancement Oscilloscope can now save configuration settings
p.632 Enhancement Settings persist when you change mode/channel
p.636 Bug fix Oscilloscope displays time units when viewing history
p.637 Bug fix XML parser now understands special tags
p.639 Bug fix Waveform packets can be sent to NSP
p.640 Bug fix Waveform generator now properly handles voltage offset
p.642 Bug fix Oscilloscope trigger delay now works for the second data stream
p.643 Bug fix Waveform generator now outputs waveforms considering ms as shown in GUI
p.644 Bug fix Static analysis fixes
p.645 Bug fix N-Trode no longer crashes if you change the active N-Trodes channel
p.646 Bug fix Audio output properties/wavefomr show the proper amplitude range
p.648 Bug fix Waveform generator now send first packet
p.649 Bug fix cbMEX now allocates memory if system has 2 GB RAM
p.650 Bug fix Waveform generator sends proper value for offset
p.651 Enhancement CCF now in latest protocol for spec 3.08
p.652 Bug fix Oscilloscope trigger no longer fails if stream 2 delay is the same as the trigger delay
p.653 Bug fix Serial now appears in Raster after a refresh
p.654 Bug fix Fixes for HW, File, Activity Map, and Single
p.655 Bug fix Fixes for Single
p.658 Bug fix N-Trode now starts if no N-Trodes are defined
p.661 Enhancement SigToNoise screen updates when pause is pressed
p.662 Enhancement Channels offsets and inverted states persist
p.664 Bug fix Waveform generator cycle length can be set to 0
p.665 Bug fix Addressed issues when changing between channels with different sampling rates
p.666 Enhancement Removed 0.7 and 1 Hz filters from CentralSIM and CentralPlay
p.667 Enhancement Added toolbar, status bar, and menu to Single to match N-Trode behavior
p.668 Bug fix Addressed thresholding error when RMS multiplier is 0
p.669 Enhancement Default mapfile no longer changes names to "elec" and uses "chan" instead
p.670 Enhancement N-Trode properties disabled when no channels selected for an N-Trode
p.671 Enhancement Oscilloscope history easier to scroll through
p.672 Bug fix Help/about and tooltip fixed in Single
p.673 Enhancement File remembers auto increment state
p.674 Bug fix Oscilloscope frequency values no longer exceeds viable range
p.675 Bug fix Channel names now update in Oscilloscope
p.676 Bug fix Addressed Crosstalk bugs
p.677 Bug fix Reduced flickering in Crosstalk popups
p.679 Enhancement Digital filters can be loaded in CentralSIM and nPlay
p.680 Bug fix Can now move threshold slider after Auto has been unchecked
p.681 Bug fix Channel names updates reflect in Crosstalk and Auto Impedance
p.682 Bug fix Crosstalk no longer crashes on loading with default mapfile
p.683 Bug fix Activity Map now updates with spike extraction changes
p.684 Enhancement Comments only now a saving option in 2.3 and TOC; raw data saves to .NS6
p.685 Enhancement Added raw data saving seledction on configuration
p.686 Bug fix Raw within configuration window now aligned
p.687 Enhancement Added Raw to sampling groups
p.689 Enhancement Added "Reset" asnd "Exit" buttons to DataLost dialog
p.690 Bug fix Raw stream group box fixed
p.691 Bug fix Addressed fatal error on Analog Out configurations
p.692 Enhancement Single/ISI histogram displays 1 ms
p.693 Bug fix Oscilloscope now displays vertical units properly
p.695 Bug fix Oscilloscope frame now clears when switching from frequency to time
p.696 Bug fix Addressed improper handling of time loop in Single ISI
p.697 Bug fix Waveform now displays a sine wave appropriately
p.698 Bug fix Oscilloscope non-linear sliders behave properly on analog input channels
p.700 Enhancement Removed file description dependence on filetype
p.702 Bug fix Activity Map now decays channels that become disabled
p.703 Bug fix cbhwlib.h same as the one used in GUI
p.705 Bug fix Comment text now limited to the limit imposed by file packet size
p.706 Enhancement Default file save location established
p.708 Bug fix File no longer dies on first comment; registry gets updated
p.709 Bug fix Icon now appears on pause button in Central Play
p.710 Bug fix cbMEX now reports that proper version number
p.711 Bug fix Library for GUI and waveform now synchronized
p.740 Enhancement Raw data can be setup in TOC
p.741 Enhancement Oscilloscope window can resize
p.742 Enhancement cbMEX release not dependent on debug .dlls
p.748 Bug fix Oscilloscope reopens in its last position
p.760 Bug fix Oscilloscope no longer flatlines at history = 300000 ms
p.767 Enhancement Intuitiveness of trigger delay improved in Oscilloscope
p.771 Enhancement Splash screen improved for digital filter editor
p.773 Enhancement Central apps and configuration dialogs respond to custom filters
a.292 Enhancement cbMEX SDK added
a.293 Enhancement Added cbMEX SDK example
a.294 Enhancement Added control over options to cbMEX('fileconfig',...)
a.295 Enhancement cbMEX make commands conform to documentation
a.296 Enhancement cbMEX enhancements
a.299 Enhancement Custom Digital Filter Editor feature added
a.308 Enhancement nPlay GUI more robust
a.313 Enhancement Common code synchronized
a.320 Enhancement Filter names changed to reflect corner frequencies
a.322 Enhancement Sorting method added o SigToNoise-generated files
a.323 Enhancement Matlab Runtime installer removed
a.328 Enhancement Streamlined packet handlings
a.329 Enhancement Improved popups in Spike Panel and Auto Impedance

6.1.0 (released February 21st 2011)

ID Type Description
p.594 Bug fix glut32.dll now included in install
p.576 Enhancement Oscilloscope now hides irrelevant controls
p.578 Bug fix Oscilloscope frequency domain range fixed
p.590 Enhancement Single shows channel controls by default
p.583 Enhancement Labels in Oscilloscope are now consistent
p.577 Bug fix Fixed trigger off behavior
p.575 Bug fix Oscilloscope minimum/maximum frequency more consistent
p.574 Bug fix 0 no longer a viable value for vertical x/DIV
p.572 Bug fix Oscilloscope can now trigger off negative threshold crossings
p.568 Bug fix nPlayGUI now shows available files on startup
p.508 Bug fix nPlayGUI play button now disabled when no files are available
p.528 Bug fix Fixed speed issues with N-Trode
p.517 Bug fix Fixed title behavior for N-Trode plots
p.513 Bug fix Release version of N-Trode now runs
p.584 Bug fix Addressed OpenGL issue with N-Trode on Windows XP
p.532 Bug fix Addressed mishandling of 16-bit information
p.532 Bug fix Properly labeled variables as NtrodeInfo instead of Ntrodeinfo
p.488 Enhancement Eliminated unnecessary labels for channels
a.269 Enhancement Improved Oscilloscope Options
a.249 Enhancement Oscilloscope added to solution
a.276 Enhancement Added playback speed option to nPlayGUI
a.266 Enhancement Added repeat to nPlayGUI
a.252 Enhancement File versions now visible in nPlayGUI
a.237 Bug fix nPlayGUI behaves properly when no startup file is provided
a.267 Enhancement nPlayGUI remembers the last folder used
a.244 Enhancement Added GUI for N-Trode spike sorting
a.258 Enhancement Added ability to sort spikes in N-Trode
a.284 Enhancement Added "Delete All" button to N-Trode
a.261 Enhancement Gave N-Trode functions a namespace
a.274 Enhancement Multithreaded OpenGL rendering
a.288 Enhancement Added cbMEX documentation and examples to install
a.260 Enhancement Default sorting for front-end channels set to Hoops
a.262 Enhancement Auto fit for pattern added
a.278 Enhancement Added option for manual Single dialog
a.247 Enhancement Feature for adding comments
a.238 Enhancement Installers get a start menu location
a.270 Enhancement Revised the tracking packet for filespec 2.3
a.272 Enhancement Comment dialog gets more windows
a.221 Enhancement Created default configurations for Central
a.264 Enhancement cbMANUALUNITMAPPING size changed to be a multiple of 4
a.255 Enhancement Added instrument information
a.275 Enhancement Auto Impedance now saves patient ground RMS
a.277 Enhancement Auto Impedance values less than 50 kOhm are now marked

6.0.1 (released December 17th 2009)

ID Type Description
p.489 Bug fix Install no longer blocks out if "Cyberkinectics Inc." key doesn't exist
p.490 Bug fix Addressed bug where recording would be intermittently blocked

6.0.0 (released December 17th 2009)

ID Type Description
p.427 Bug fix Added missing PCA files
p.428 Bug fix Now display missing manual threshold override
p.429 Bug fix Manual override now scales with window size
p.430 Bug fix Startup diagnostic no longer shows up in PCA mode
p.431 Enhancement Added feature to save PCA basis and recalculate all bases
p.432 Bug fix Raster's individual digital bits now show all changes
p.434 Bug fix Corrected controls for RAW/LNC and continuous signal in Single
p.437 Bug fix Single runs without requiring Panel to be running
p.438 Bug fix Filter dialog now shows filter parameters
p.440 Bug fix Ellipses no longer display during Hoops sorting
p.442 Bug fix Offset correction for AC/DC coupled
p.444 Bug fix Addressed intermittent crash in File
p.445 Bug fix Units in Single now show µV instead of V
p.446 Enhancement Addressed requested changes to PCA
p.449 Bug fix Addressed Raster crashing issue when minimizing
p.450 Bug fix Changed Hoops dimension to 1D from 2D
p.452 Bug fix Addressed Configuration Dialog UI items
p.453 Bug fix Raster channel chooser dialog now ordered properly
p.454 Enhancement Software reference electrode removed from HW
p.455 Enhancement Registry values changed from Cyberkinetics to Blackrock
p.456 Enhancement Diagnostics and log files moved to C:\Blackrock Microsystems
p.457 Bug fix CentralSIM now working
p.459 Enhancement Install directory changed to Blackrock
p.461 Enhancement Sync pulse not always active when recording
p.462 Bug fix NeuroPort analog in properties now allows sorting changes
p.463 Bug fix Addressed nPlay multiple instance issues
p.468 Bug fix Allows CCFs to load properly
p.469 Bug fix Activity Map now refreshes regularly
p.470 Bug fix Fixed issues where pausing nPlay prevents applications from refreshing
p.473 Bug fix Signal to Noise and Amplitude Reject now show correct values
p.475 Bug fix HW now shows correct analog in list items
p.476 Bug fix Single Duplicate Boundary button no longer missing
p.477 Bug fix cbMEX now receives all data
p.479 Bug fix Updated CCFUtils due to change in ChanInfo packet
p.481 Bug fix CentralSIM now uses correct sampling rate for all sample groups
p.483 Bug fix Auto Impedance values display correctly for 16-bit values
p.484 Bug fix CentralSIM now simulates auto-sorted units
p.485 Bug fix Load system settings filters line up
p.486 Bug fix Removed NPlay play button when Central connected to an instrument
p.487 Bug fix Signal to Noise values in saved files match what is on screen
p.439 Enhancement Waveform sample size now saved in CCF
a.33 Enhancement Added ability to control DC offsets
a.168 Enhancement PCA features now in 3D instead of 2D
a.180 Enhancement Added ability to save PCA basis vectors
a.181 Enhancement Added ability to set basis size and sample size for PCA calculations
a.184 Enhancement Added ability to rename electrode channels when loading mapfiles
a.185 Enhancement Added ability to draw PCA basis waveforms
a.186 Enhancement Added a display for recalculating PCA message
a.188 Enhancement Added software-based LNC and zooming for LNC waveform
a.189 Enhancement Added ability to use multiple software-reference electrodes
a.190 Enhancement Combined manual and auto sorting
a.195 Enhancement Cached spikes now shown when changing channels in Single
a.196 Enhancement Can zoom out in Single to view all data
a.197 Enhancement Added noise boundary to Single
a.199 Enhancement Added playback control
a.203 Enhancement Implemented NeuroMotive compatibility
a.208 Enhancement Added option to not save noise cluster
a.210 Enhancement nPlay app starts automatically when running under nPlay
a.211 Enhancement Event packets take up less space
a.212 Enhancement Implemented SmartFrame group and individual visibility
a.214 Enhancement Added nPlay interface between GUI and firmware
a.216 Enhancement Created nPlay port to Windows
a.217 Enhancement Added StimComm button to Central


7.0.2 (released April 18th 2018)

ID Type Description
WI-1034 Enhancement Removed warning when connected through Central

7.0.1 (released August 22nd 2017)

ID Type Description
WI-1004 Bug fix Hardware synchronization using the digital output is now on the correct channel

7.0.0 (released June 27th 2017)

ID Type Description
WI-948 Enhancement Recompiled to protocol 3.11 to be compatible with Central v7.0.0+

6.5.0 (released April 6th 2015)

ID Type Description
p.853 Bug fix Playback with nPlay now shows tracking data
p.868 Bug fix Installer now warns when camera hub is plugged in
p.870 Bug fix Addressed render lagging issues
p.932 Bug fix Event comments no longer add extra characters
p.968 Enhancement Now a check to see what files compiled
a.297 Enhancement Added auto increment to file

6.4.0 (released June 12th 2013)

ID Type Description
NA NA Initial release

Stim Manager

6.1 (released January 23rd 2017)

ID Type Description
NA Bug fix You can now search for other CereStims while stimulating

6.0 (released March 31st 2016)

ID Type Description
NA Enhancement Improved UI where SN of connected CereStim is reported to user first, then the user selects which unit to use and connects to it.
NA Enhancement Now uses latest API.

4.1 (released July 30th 2013)

ID Type Description
p.855 Bug fix Importing .cmp files now updates the grid
p.856 Bug fix Test Modules now returns all 5 voltage measurements for each elecrode
a.384 Enhancement Now supports macro stimulation

4.0 (released June 25th 2013)

ID Type Description
NA Enhancement GUI ported to Qt
NA Enhancement Simplified interface to mach API

2.0 (released June 25th 2013)

ID Type Description
NA NA Initial release

CereStim 96 API

5.2 (released September 23rd 2019)

ID Type Description
CSA-1 Bug fix Potential data leak bug fixed

5.1 (released March 31st 2016)

ID Type Description
NA Enhancement Serial number gets reported to the OS upon USB connection and device selection

4.1 (released August 28th 2013)

ID Type Description
NA Enhancement General design improvements

4.0 (released June 25th 2013)

ID Type Description
NA NA Initial release