The Most Advanced BCI Sytem in Humans

Our mission is simple. We want people suffering from neurological disorders to walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.

Our BCI Today

For some, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a futuristic promise. For us, it is a device that works today. Our FDA-cleared configuration, the NeuroPort Array, is the gold standard of BCIs. It is a miniaturized, wired system with proven efficacy – more than 7 years chronically implanted in humans and nearly 10 years in non-human primates.

With more than a decade of hard work, fine-tuning and plenty of neural activity, our system draws on more data, published research, lab interaction and surgical experience than any other system in the world. Our technology doesn’t just restore function – it changes lives.

Our BCI Tomorrow

We are building the world’s leading technology platform for applications. Upcoming innovations include new surgical solutions, flexible materials, depth electrodes, additional channel count, and enhanced AI — and we just received a 2021 Breakthrough Designation from the FDA.

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Our BCI tomorrow

Our BCI Achievements

Our BCI Pioneers Can Move Again…

Aaron Ulland suffered a stroke paralyzing his left side. Blackrock’s BCI enabled him to move his arm again.

…Talk Again

Dennis DeGrey sustained a spinal cord injury in 2007. Blackrock’s Brain-Computer Interface allowed him to type text and email messages with just his thoughts.

…Feel Again

Nathan Copeland sustained a spinal cord injury in 2004 and has been chronically implanted with a Utah Array since November 2014. In a 2016 press conference, Nathan was able to feel Barack Obama’s hand giving him a fist bump.

Used by leading global research & clinical institutions.

Collaboration is our strength. With more than 500+ institutional partners around the world, our system has been used by the research community for more than a decade – a community dedicated to improving human lives.

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UNI Freiburg
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NYU Langone
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